The BPO Industry in India

If you didn’t already know, India is the hottest spot in the BPO Industry. Since the mid 1990′s, India has provided superior Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry. These services, known as ITES-BPO, are what laid the foundation for the BPO Industry in India around fifteen years ago. These services opened up the country to other BPO services, most importantly call centers. Call centers immediately led the country to a higher employment rate, and is responsible for more than 70% of the BPO Industry in India.As the BPO Industry expanded, so did the wide range of services & companies. Today, there are hundreds of BPO companies nationwide, providing high quality BPO services such as:Data Processing
Internet Research
Technical Support
Customer Support
Insurance ProcessingAs some may be wondering, how did India become the offshore BPO empire as it is today? The two main reasons for this are its native English speakers & source of cheap labor. Top American companies like British Airways, American Express, and Texas Instruments all started outsourcing back office functions in the 80′s, strengthening the Indian outsourcing market. What made India what is today is the boom of the Internet, which led to high demand of Information Technology outsourcing.Although the Business Process Outsourcing industry is at an all time high, there are quite a few of labor problems at hand. The main problem is the high attrition rates. Low quality work conditions, restricted career growth, few options for bettering one’s education, and demanding work schedules have all attributed to this high rate. Few BPO labor forces are retaining employees over a long period of time. Other greater problems in the industry include lack of data protection laws & poor infrastructure.Luckily, BPO Companies are working to solve problems such as the ones stated above. Knowing that countries such as China, the Philippines, and Costa Rica are right behind them in the industry, problems are handled more seriously. NASSCOM, or the National Association of Software and Services Companies, is working tirelessly to strengthen data & information privacy laws.The industry as a whole is still growing. As the population grows, so does the demand for employment. BPO Companies are strengthening their workforces, and while the industry grows as a whole, so does each company. Every statistical sign has pointed to enormous growth in the India BPO Industry, and for the time being, it’s only climbing higher.